May 16, 2016

Super Simple beginners guide to SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is nothing new in the web world, but when you’re just getting started it’s an extremely important factor to consider. If you’ve already built your site and are looking to implement SEO tactics this article will still be beneficial to you. SO first things first…
  1. An SEO plan should be constructed before the site is even built
    1. This helps to establish your site structure/navigation and will help when developing content
  2. Pay most attention to the biggest on page SEO factors
    1. H1 and other heading tags (H2, H3, H4)
    2. Title tags (make sure your main keyword is included in your title tag)
    3. Content keywords (include your keywords in your main paragraph <p> content)
    4. Alt Image tags (this helps to get your photos successfully listed in image search
  3. Pay most attention to your content
    1. You can optimize your site as perfectly as possible but if you don’t have great content for your visitors it won’t matter. Your visitors need to stay on your site, find what they want, and even continue browsing for Google to consider your site beneficial and useful to the user.
  4. Implement social sharing and participate!
    1. Being social in an online space is one of the most helpful tactics in developing backlinks and quality collaboration between you and your visitors.

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