May 1, 2016

BEST WordPress Managed Hosting Providers – 2016

Running a WordPress blog or website is not an easy game. You have to take care of all content, marketing, web design, social networks, and so on. But before you start the process, you have to ensure that your WordPress site is working smoothly, and your current hosting provider is not giving you headaches or problems.

Today, most web hosting companies out there focus on providing affordable solutions. It costs less than $5 to get an account with a company like HostGator or BlueHost. That’s a great solution if you just started but for a small or medium-sized business, choosing high-quality hosting providers is a better alternative.

The new generation of managed WordPress hosting is becoming an increasingly popular choice for bloggers and WordPress developers. It all began with VIP, but now there are many players in the market.
Here are Best WordPress hosting providers Offering Managed Hosting:
WPEngine Managed WordPress Hosting
WPEngine hosting is one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers available out there. The price is a bit higher compared to other managed hosting providers, but that’s because the company provides great support, fast loading and secure servers. It has a team of experts from WordPress who will ensure the speed and safety of your site. It’s also one of the most well-known hosting companies used by many organizations like Foursquare, SoundCloud and HTC.

WPEngine also has a restore process and one-click backup process attached to the hosting plans. WPEngine analyzes and monitors hacking attempts, and if your site is hacked, the company will fix it for free. Some other features include:

  • Staging Area – a replica of your site is created live, so you can test new plugins and themes before applying it to your live website.
  • One Click Restore Point – In case something goes wrong with your site, the plugins or theme, you can use the One-Click Restore point to put things back to the way they were when everything was working.
  • No need for any plugin cache – EverCache technology tailored WP WordPress engine delivers fast enough for Google and a large scale.
  • Hacking Analysis – If your site is hacked, the company will fix it for free.

Pros: Easily add CDN to your site with a single click, enough support for your WordPress site, secure servers and extremely fast speeds. No external caching plugins are needed because it comes with EverCache and periodic scans to prevent hacking to help keep your site secure and safe.

Cons: WPEngine is a bit expensive compared to other WordPress managed hosting providers. It does not offer the flexibility you might need in the plugin department.

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting
Flywheel was built for designers and creative minds, offering hosting management that specifically suits your needs. It is more than just a hosting provider and instead focuses on streamlining the workflow for web designers around the world. Some of the nifty features include particularly easy collaboration, transfer billing to its customers, and staging sites. Also, you can manage all sites within an attractive and user friendly dashboard.

Flywheel’s support team has experts in WordPress as well. Many of whom are designers, so your biggest problems will always be in good hands.
The price is very reasonable and is extended to meet your needs. It starts with a plan for pay-per-site starting at $15/month. After that, there are plans in bulk for the most serious developers starting at $100/month. Custom plans are also available. Other features include:

  • Lightning speed – Designed specifically for WordPress sites so it takes several factors that might affect the speed into account. CDN is available.
  • Nightly backups – Their sites are automatically backed up each night, so you don’t have to worry while sleeping.
  • Tight security – Flywheel constantly monitors your sites for hacking attempts and malware and fix the problems discovered free.
  • More intuitive SFTP – Collaboration with other designers and working on client sites has never been easier.

Pros: Fast load times, easy scalability and the ability to use plugins as you wish. Flywheel also has highly qualified WordPress experts that can take care of all your needs and concerns.

Cons: It is more costly than shared hosting. It can be daunting to learn a new dashboard or interface on top of all that you already use to manage your business.

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting
Bluehost offers secure and fast managed WordPress hosting at a lower cost. The basic plan offers 100 million page views each month and includes 2GB of RAM, 30GB of storage and backup storage of 30 GB. It also offers enhanced cPanel, 24/7 expert support WordPress, and up to 5 sites. It comes with a SiteLock Pro and SiteLock CDN. Prices start at just $12.49 for the first month and then increase to $24.99/month after that. Notable features include:

  • VPS-based – Built on a VPS platform,  that improves your performance and speed rate.
  • ManageWP – Migrate and manage multiple WordPress sites, all from each hosting plan.
  • Strong security – SiteLock includes an advanced SiteLock WAF and CDN.
  • Good Customer support – All hosting plans comes with 24/7 access to WordPress professionals.
  • Improved cPanel – It makes it easier to change from managed shared hosting smoother when working with a similar platform.

Pros: Relatively affordable price, SiteLock, VPS, security and includes ManageWP for comfort. It also has 24/7 support and cPanel for an improved yet familiar experience.

Cons: It is very costly than some managed hosting plans and may not include all the features that the other plans listed here, and does not scale to the top of the greatest needs of developers.

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