March 29, 2016

Get 150 free leads for your business

One of the hardest parts of starting your own small business is developing a customer base. I think we’ve all experienced that word of mouth and referral typically generates the best quality leads but how do you start the referral process with no customers?

You need customers to refer you and you need referrals for customers. It’s kind of like the chicken and egg argument. Let’s just squash the want to argue that right now and do something about it instead.

Want 150 free leads for your business and jump start your journey?

Sign up for’s free 3 day trial – no credit card required, I promise! With this free 3 day trial you get 150 free leads for your business and the best part is you get to develop the list yourself with criteria that fits your target market. I just recently did this and am now weeding through the list and determining needs for each company by researching them on the internet. Hey, no one said this was going to be easy.

For each company I am determining whether or not they have a website, if they don’t have a website they’re a warm lead for me – if they do have one, I consider them either cold or cool. They’re level of cold is determined by the quality of their website. If I can make an argument for a better website then I consider them cool, but if they’ve already got a killer website – I’ll leave them alone and mark them cold – however I may market different services to them. From here I can check their SEO quality, maybe I can offer that instead.

At the end of the day after I’ve done my research and qualified each lead I can better sort them into categories and market to each in their own special way.

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