March 27, 2016

How to use LinkedIn as a small business

Regardless if you have 50 employees or are a one man/woman entity, small businesses should still be focusing efforts on brand awareness through multiple channels including social media. LinkedIn is a great place to start, and especially for freelancers or single owners of small businesses whose target market is others like themselves.

This is especially important for the Service related sector as they make up the largest group within the platform. At 20%, the Service market is dominant – this includes people and businesses like myself. Taking my company for example, I reach out to small business owners to help them achieve their marketing goals or establish them if they aren’t quite sure what is realistic and what isn’t. Because my focus is on the professional and the small business – LinkedIn is a great place for me to be. It makes sense, and as a small business who focuses their attention on other professionals you should be there as well.

With over 100 million members, LinkedIn is one of the largest social networking platforms available to marketers today and an important place to start sharing your information and content. Not only can you share content to your page for your followers, but with your personal LinkedIn profile you can join relevant groups where customers can be found, represent your company as the CEO, and contribute relevant content so you can be seen as an expert.  I have seen many CEOs and Leaders of companies be hesitant to start and be a part of the social movement but hesitation gets you nowhere. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion, it’s why you’re in business in the first place.

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