January 23, 2013

P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue Website


Recently created WordPress website with Pagelines platform. I loved working on this project and am extremely proud of the result that collaboration and a shared passion created.


P.O.E.T. is a soon to be non-profit all breed dog rescue dedicated to saving dogs and puppies in Michigan and Ohio. Will ocasionally take in cats and kittens in need as well as pet birds, bunnies and raccoons on an as needed basis. Their mission is to educate individuals on the needs of their pets and the growing problem that is pet over population. To rescue and save the unwanted dogs and puppies that are crowding our shelters. To prevent future pet surrenders to kill shelters by the education of their owners; spaying and neutering companion animals, responsible purchasing and adopting, behavior modification and solutions to behavior problems, resources to help owners keep their pets and in general become better pet parents!


Check them out!


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